Strike Paydirt at Gold Country!

Gold Country Paydirt offers rich paydirt from historic districts.

9 Years in business.  Join our thousands of satisfied customers!

Discover our rich gold paydirt on your panning expedition!

From the ground to your gold pan.  Gold Country Paydirt has it all!

Each bag of Gold Country Paydirt is meticulously processed to ensure an optimum concentration of gold, giving you the best chance of striking it rich.

We even offer different grades of paydirt, catering to both beginners who want to hone their panning skills and seasoned prospectors seeking the ultimate challenge.

No matter your level of expertise, our paydirt guarantees hours of exhilarating adventure and endless possibilities!

Gold Country Paydirt comes from districts with a history of producing great paydirt with plenty of gold.

Most creeks spawn into several channels, which are prime locations that we have found great gold.

Free express shipping within USA.

Risk-free money-back guarantee!

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